Our Policies
The philosophy of our business


Impro Logistics is committed to achieving total customer satisfaction by providing logistics services that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. Our aim is to collaborate with suppliers, customers and related stakeholders to deliver high quality, cost effective logistics services on time, every time. We will actively pursue quality improvement programs and constantly train our employees to be the best in what we do. Our objective is to achieve zero customer complaints thereby ensuring the growth and sustainability of Impro Logistics.


The health and safety of our employees, customers and related stakeholders is of paramount importance to Impro Logistics. The company commits to safe and healthy work practices by complying with all legal and workplace health and safety requirements. No employee will be allowed to perform a task that they deem unsafe or on which they have not being trained. The company will ensure that a workplace safety program is in place. The company commits to conducting regular safety and health risk assessments to eliminate workplace safety and health risks. All employees will be trained in safe work and home practices and procedures. All employees will be provided with the required personal protective equipment and the training thereof. The company will enforce non-compliance to safety practices by adopting relevant corrective actions. All accidents and incidents will be investigated to determine the root cause. Our objective is to achieve a healthy, accident and injury free workplace.


lmpro Logistics is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and to be an environmentally responsible company to all suppliers, customers, neighbours, communities and other related stakeholders. Impro Logistics will comply with all applicable environment laws and regulations in order to prevent pollution at all costs. lmpro Logistics will establish procedures on environmental issues and conduct the relevant training to all employees. Our vehicles will be subjected to scheduled maintenance programs in order to minimise toxic diesel emissions and where possible installations of reducing mechanisms will be considered. We will endeavour to minimise spillages by evaluating our operations and equipment and ensuring that they are as efficient as possible. lmpro Logistics will strive to continuously improve its environmental management systems by measuring our environmental impacts and setting goals to reduce these impacts lmpro logistics will treat customer and public concerns related to our operations and the environment as priority and provide feedback to concerned parties lmpro Logistics will consider the safety, health and environmental aspects with all new operations, processes and services. We commit to report information on relevant chemical related health or environmental hazards promptly authorities, employees and customers and recommend professional corrective actions as needed lmpro logistics will co-operate with authorities and customers to resolve problems created by the handling and correct disposal of hazardous chemicals or chemical waste. lmpro Logistics will measure environmental performances and identify improvement opportunities by completing and submitting quantitative indicators annually. lmpro Logistics will adopt the responsible care principles in terms of the responsible care charter to further enhance its commitment to environment issues.